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  • Datacom and Telecommunication

    The telecom sector continues to be at the epicenter for growth, innovation, and disruption for virtually any industry. Mobile devices and related broadband connectivity continue to be more and more embedded in the fabric of society today and they are key in driving the momentum around some key trends such as video streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile payments.

    Data usage has been growing dramatically, particularly due to streaming services, and is expected to continue that path in the year ahead. Wi-Fi usage will continue to be key, especially as carriers look to offload more mobile traffic onto broadband networks (especially fiber) as well as considerations around other spectrum efficiency technologies and potentially unlicensed spectrum solutions (i.e., LTE-U). Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) services will also be a key focus to help carriers rationalize networks and potentially offer improved and expanded services.

  • Aerospace

    Avionics Aircraft are the safest form of transportation Since aircraft are highly expensive, the airlines try to minimise the time spent on the ground for maintenance, etc. Reliability is therefore held in the highest regard. However, apart from the aircraft itself there are various other avionics applications where high-rel components are used: from air traffic control to runway lighting and airfield lighting.

    Space Advanced avionics applications with even stricter requirements Space technology is mission driven. We support technological systems from rocket launch platforms and satellites, to landing systems, and all the intermediate technologies in conjunction with the semiconductor manufacturers.

  • Transportation

    It is our clear strategic focus to understand, innovate and to serve future needs of Automotive electronics. New age semiconductor solutions brings electronics in Cars on continious improvement of environmental pollution with clear focus on passangers safety and comfort. New electronic solutions bring more safety, comfort and driving pleasure. Semiconductors make light vehicles more attractive.

  • Intelligent Systems

    Today, we don’t just have things. We have things that think. In the nearest future the machines, equipment and gadgets will be even smarter, more connected, more efficient and more intuitive. Intelligent systems reshape the raw potential of technologies into new solutions that sense, connect and control.

    Home Automation is the point at which a number of varying disciplines intersect, including energy harvesting, home networking, domestic engineering, energy (metering) technology, lighting control, security technology, sensor technology and convenience electronics.

  • Power management

    The power to design begins with power. And when the power management decisions are smart, our lives are enhanced. More smart phone connections. Improved automobile performance. Longer-lasting medical equipment. Longer life time on the orbit.

  • Lighting

    LED Lighting with number of advantages can make a difference within our Indoor micro worlds and their needs LEDs are gaining respect to new creative potential for indoor lighting especially in home surroundings, office and shop improving more and more the following main elements: as quality of light, its colour, direction and intensity adapting personal surrounding, task & mood lighting levels for each area of your indoor living place.

    LED lighting is perfectly suited for outdoor use as they will bring you a number of years of virtually free maintenance service LED technological ruggedness, low temperature operation and size allows designers to create luminaires in almost any shapes for outdoor use. Their durability is appropriate in applications with strong probability of lamp breakage especially in outdoor areas like industrial areas, gardens, bridges, public transportation objects and stadiums.

    LED technology is a key element for the future of dynamic traffic managment and street illumination Wide usage of LED technology in Variable Message Signs (VMS) for traffic guidance and information purposes LED lighting provides better uniformity of illuminance of a street with main task - increasing visibility at night.

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We believe a human-centre approach ist he best way to deliver the results.


We choose the right products at the right price and saving your business from unnecessary costs.


It doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to deliver, we fulfill your needs and build the right supply chain.


We ensure and guarantee the same level of quality... no matter how small or large your needs.


We help with import and export by giving you access to our wealth of expertise.


We create our customers the production plan, which finally reduce the lead-time of the products.

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  • FS-101

    Терморасширяющаяся противопожарная пена SAGEX - противопожарная пена для широкого круга задач по обеспечению пожарной безопасности.

    Области применения
    - универсальное решение для широкого спектра применений
    - нанесение в труднодоступных местах, за один проход
    - не требует дополнительных материалов
    - противопожарная заделка проходки с кабелями и кабельными лотками, проходок с трубами и сложных проходок

    Технические характеристики противопожарной пены SAGEX
    Химическая основа: двухкомпонентная полиуретановая пена
    Возможные материалы подложки: бетон, кирпичная кладка , гипсокартон
    Содержимое картриджа: 400 мл
    Выход пены: 2,5л
    Время схватывания: 25-35 сек
    Время отвердения: 1 мин
    Резка возможна: через 3 мин
    Предел огнестойкости: до 3 часов

    Информация о продукте
    Протокол испытаний

  • G1

    Системы предназначенные для производства изоляционных пир-ппу с высокими физико-механическими характеристиками в сочетании с классом горючести Г1. Мы разработали и выводим на рынок стройматериалов эксклюзивный материал, который на данный момент не имеет аналогов.

    Можем предложить заинтересованным организациям следующие возможности сотрудничества:
    Поставка системы ( компонента А) для производства ппу непосредственно на Вашем производстве, методом периодической или непрерывной заливки в форме блоков или сэндвич-панелей. Адаптация системы под Вашу установку и производство.

    Поставка систем для производства стандартных ппу-блоков с плотностью пены от 33 до 200 кг/м3, систем для производства панелей с металлическим (сэндвичи) и эластичными покрытиями.

    Испытание материала

    Информация о продукте
    Протокол испытаний

Innovative fire protection

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